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In a significant step towards leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and manage the implementation of newly launched Centrally Sponsored Integrated Scheme for School Education, Samagra Shiksha, a PRABANDH System has enabled on the website, in which States and UTs may view the Status of GoI Releases, approved outlays, coverage as per UDISE, school wise list of approvals, school wise gaps, cancellations in approvals etc. under Samagra Shiksha. In addition, on line submission of Monthly Progress Reports, physical as well as financial, can also be made by the respective State/UTs in the PRABANDH System.

Now the data visualization dashboard has been created for display of monthly status of physical and financial progress under the major interventions of the scheme , which automatically picks up data from the system based on monthly updates done by the States and UTs. This will help in introducing better transperancy in the implementation of the scheme and improve the same.

Core Objective for Implementation

  • a. To obviate the need for submitting hard copies, except where it is mandated otherwise.
  • b. To have transparency and accuracy in the System w.r.t Approvals, Releases, Financial Status.
  • c. To streamline the Financial Management System, to enable more accurate assessment of actual requirement of funds for implementation.
  • d. For efficient decision- making.


Online submission of Annual Work Plan & Budget

States and UTs are submitting District Wise Annual Work Plan and Budget proposals through the portal enabling decentralized planning. These proposals are also appraised online through the system and final approvals given by Project Approval Board are fed back into the system.

Online Generation of Sanction Order for Central Releases

All the sanction orders issued under the scheme are generated online after necessary approvals. Auto-generated mails to the States helps in real time flow of information regarding the funds released by Government of India.

Online Monthly activity wise Progress Reports (Physical and Financial)

States/UTs are submitting activity wise progress (Physical and Financial) for all components of Samagra Shiksha The system can generate the delay statement on transfer of funds, Status of pending State Share, Unspent balances, Spill-over and Committed liability etc.

Online Submission of School wise Progress

Detailed school-wise Functional and construction status under various components of Samagra Shiksha i.e. New Schools, Strengthening of Schools, KGBV, Residential, Schools/ Hostels , ICT@School, Toilets and Vocational Education are being submitted online alongwith the Photographs.

Activated Logins

District logins have been created and activated across all States and UTs having 740 Districts, 8100 Blocks and 12 Lakh School users.

Activation of Web Services with DBT Mission portal

The Web services have been developed and initiated in collaboration with team. On the 20th day of every month, the DBT mission portal fetches the Physical and Financial Expenditure from the PRABANDH portal on Expenditure incurred under DBT activities.

Recent Initiatives

The Physical and Financial expenditure module for District users have been initiated to capture the progress on the Samagra Shiksha activities. From 2020-2021 onwards, districts will submit the physical and financial expenditure on the PRABANDH portal. The State / UTs will validate and freeze the expenditure, so that it can be viewed at National level.


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